Candles that Care is a growing community of individuals that believe life is best lived with others and for others. 

The Kibera Project 

My name is Stuart Denton and two years ago, I found myself volunteering with a children’s outreach organization in Africa’s largest urban slum—Kibera. Calling Kibera a city would be an understatement; it fosters a world within itself. Due to extreme poverty, rampant disease and malnutrition—survival appears to be the prime objective of the people living in the area. That being said, it’s certainly not my goal to paint a picture of crying and starving children—much the opposite. When survival needs such as food and water are met, these people are content—like really content. Maybe due to the lack of distractions experienced in our westernized world, the culture bred within Kibera is beautiful—relationships run deep, love and appreciation is evident in nearly every interaction. It’s easy to make friends here. One of those friends, “Coach Collins” is partially responsible for the creation of this project. Before leaving the states, I had shipped 70 soccer balls to meet myself in Kibera. My initial plan was to hand out the soccer balls spontaneously to the children within this community, however, most of the balls were given over to the coach’s multi aged soccer team of boys and girls. Coach Collin’s existence revolves around mentoring these young children, swaying them from trouble, and keeping them occupied in an environment not particularly nurturing to the growth of young children. Collin’s is not paid for his efforts—helping the children grow into healthy young adults is enough initiative for him to return to the dirt field day after day. His constant demonstration of selflessness inspired my emotionally driven promise that I’d return one-day to help with any resources I could. In retrospect, my pledge seemed impulsive and impractical.

Through the recent creation of this project, that promise now seems practical—even inevitable.

This project is a continuance of that promise.  We are using 100% of the proceeds from our hand crafted candles to purchase 12,500 soccer balls to be personally given to children in Kibera. 

Candles that Care invites you to enrich the lives of others freely and without expectation of reciprocation.

Candles That Care is gratefully in partnership with Joy Squared.  We currently operate as a project under the Joy Squared Corporation and their non-profit status.  The Joy Squared 501 (c) ( 3) IRS nonprofit determination is viewable through this link.  501(c)(3) Federal Tax Exemption

Additional information regarding Joy Squared can be found on their website through the following link.